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having just accidentally pulled my ashtray out and seen the socket that I guess the ecu is accessed via, i just wondered ;

is there no software based diagnostics that you could for example run off a laptop etc. ???

kinda what a renault garage use but scaled down and portable ???
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Y not? Its just an interface surely? Pinouts, baud rate, protocols and an application/presentation layer - not that it would mean much to me but Id like to bet I could get the comms to work even if the ECU was a mystery! Cant believe its just a load of pins set high/low for different ECU settings (or am I being naive here?)

Naive.. (As in Evian Water spelt backwards lol..

Its not simply a matter of comms protocol, it will be std rs232, I can give you the data in and data out lines no probs...

what are you gonna do with the results ??.. it aint gonna talk or give a menu to assist you. Its a matter of sending code combinations to the ecu and awaiting response. Unless you know the code combos, you are screwed, even if you located some code combos, then the format of the results are proprietry so, lets say, you send hex &H02 and get a 4 byte response of &HFF, &HB5,&H00,&H2C.. ??

How much wiser are you lol...


Mike, the way to approach it in the first instance is to (imho) remove the 29F400 rom and read it.

replace it with a socket and after copying the rom, put that in the socket.

now you need to run map locating software on it (Which I happen to have ) and attempt to lcate the main maps and tables.

the difficulty then is, any alerations to the rom tables need an appropriate checksum cclulation applying, and the 172 rom uses multiple checksums at various points

there are devices available for around 500 Euros that allow simple full content download and upload of the binary, also, a checksum recalc module is available for about another 400 euro. but the rest is trial and error, the tables have to be altered manually AFTER locating them, identifying them etc. then checksum applyed and reloaded.

you cant bench test it unless you hook it up to the transponder for the key from the original vehicle either..

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My idling has gone beserk, sounds a bit like the engine is hunting (as if out of fuel). Im taking it to renault to get it fixed, do you think theyl wipe my group n ecu data? if its ROM surely thats impossible(?) if they somehow do, will i lose my higher rev limit etc....?
thanks, si


oh well..

im sure i saw what i was on about but for vws.....................

it was for checking and resetting the diagnostics etc. on the ecu... i.e which abs sensor was generating a fault code etc.

Simon, I would replace the ecu with the std and try it then.

Dont let reno service it with the gpn item in place. yes, they can overwite it completely.

Can you get another for a Mk2 as I am interested in the fact that it bypasses the raid device (Reno Anti Intruder Device).