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Editing PDF files

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Has anyone had any experience of this? I was planning on using photoshop, but there's a lot of text that I need to change and I'm thinking a proper PDF editor may be the better option.

I've seen a few free download programs and some trial downloads are available, but has anyone got any recommendations?


ClioSport Club Member
I tried this once! Failed miserably :( Keep this thread up to date if you find out how to do it! ;)
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Found a problem already! Using Bluebeam to edit which seems ok, I can't edit the text because I don't have the right font in windows. I've been searching the net for an hour now trying to find somewhere to download it from, but no joy!

I need TeleGroteskNor if anyone can help?


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Did you extract it and copy the contents to your fonts folder?

Normally C:\Windows\Fonts
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I couldn't extract it mate. For whatever reason my PC didn't recognise the file as being extractable. Not had a problem with any other fonts I've downloaded previously.

The download gave me a full file name of ".zip(1)", maybe the (1) part is the problem?