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Eibach or AVO

  Fiesta TDCI

Not sure which to go with AVO are about £30 cheaper and lower the car 35mm.

I have just rang Eibach U.K who say the springs are £70 to trade and £116+ VAT to the general public, also that although they state it lowers the clio 30mm this is refering to a standard clio, due to the fact tht the 172 is already lowered as standard, you will only get a 10mm drop.

Think Im swaying towards AVO?


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, Eibach are very good, but then again so are Avo.

I have a full set of Avo adjustable coil-overs on my car and they are great.

Also, the after-sales service & support you get from Avo UK is superb and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

The fact that theyre cheaper is an added bonus in this case...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Have a look at the thread in the Exterior Mods forum which discussed lowering - its not just a question of which is better.

I am on holidat at the moment and Nick Hill has my 172 for 10 days. He is aware of the problems with 17"s and avo and is going to contact avo and arrange for a longer spring or stiffer spring to sort out the arch problems, he agrees that with 17"s it is a little too low at the back and just needs to be 5 or 10 mm dont write avos off just yet, they are a very nice spring and should be sorted soon.


Jamie - I saw your car yesterday and told Nick to bloody Clean it

Like Mat (above) I now have my avo coilovers on. The cars likea fekking go kart now. So much fun - so little arch


I am going to see what the outcome of nicks chat to avo is and will have to get the arches repaired anyway so i might get them slightly rolled at the sametime.


I have Avo coilovers and they are the shiznit!!

As for rolling the arches - this refers to the inner lip of the arch being rolled upwards so there is a greater gap between tyre and arch.
  Fiesta TDCI

Bought the AVO springs yesterday and having them fitted tomorrow.

Spoke to the guy at AVO about 17" wheels, he said it shouldnt be a problem providing the correct off-set is used?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Good stuff - itll be interesting to compare the ride height of the AVOs & Eibachs if youre coming to Bedford. Take it youre still on standard wheels?
  BMW 320d Sport

you cant roll plastic arches. I had to cut mine with a jigsaw then file them smooth. Luckily the 18s went straight on at the rear with no messing about. Front was a different story though.
  Fiesta TDCI


should be at Bedford and yes I am running the 16s. Not to sure if I will change to 17" as its purely cosmetic?

See you at Bedford!