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electric windows and central locking in a mk1 clio?

  mk1 clio 1.2 rl 97
hi guys i am lookin at buyin new inserts for my door as they have the speaker holes in them!

i have a renault clio 1.2rl 97 which is a phase 2! i am just wonderin how? and what i would need to wire up electric windows to work with my car?

also is it possible to change my car to central locking? if so what would i need to do this?

thanks for all ur help in advance!!

i hope this place is quicker for answers than the r*****t forum
(not mentionin no names ;))

please dont diss the car for being a 1.2 as this is my first car so my insurance is gonna go through the roof already! but have plans to change engine or car when it drops a bit! but i am up for modding the car to the best it can be!

car is in my bro's garage at the moment! 40 miles away but will get pics when possible!