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Electric windows...

  180.5 bhp 172
Hey all,

I have a Mk1 Ph3 1.2, and it has Manual wind windows.

My question is this...

How much work is it to make the drivers side window electric?

I have 2 blank switch plates (where some have the front fog light switch) which I was planning to use for the window.
On versions with leccy windos, the buttons are down in the side door compartment, but I'll be using my blank holes.

If I go to a breakers yard and pic up the switch and motor from a 1.4 RT (the 1 that has leccy windos), is it possible? Is there anything else i'll need?

You'll need the motor mechanism and you might as well get the door card so you can have it in the normal place as you have to take the old card off anyway.
  180.5 bhp 172
Your problem will be getting the wiring from the switch on the dash into the door.


I dont think it will to be honest. There is a hole and a rubber seal on the part of the door that goes against the front panel (if that makes sence!) so i'll just poke it through there and wire it out through the dash to the switch.

Thanks for the info guys - I'll take a trip to the breakers yard to see what they have on the weekend :)