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Electrics had a spaz out last night...anyone?

  Focus RS Mk1
Hi all, got in the car last night after work at 9:30pm. was fairly cold, 0deg maybe.

electrics were all fine prior to this moment.

So I get in, get the car started without problem, windows are all misted up as it is when its cold (but not icey) and i cant see so i drop down both side windows. They are so slow! weird i think...just carry on anyway and put it down to the coldness.

So driving home, doing 60mph on dual carridegway and stereo decides to turn off my amps so all i have is rear speakers left playing from the HU. So i turn it off thinking maybe ive developed a loose connection...then my handbrake light comes on with my service light, im thinking, what the hell is going on here...

then my Stop light comes on with my airbag light, which as you know is more serious, so i slow to maybe 30mph looking for an ideal place to stop, then my alarm starts going off! stops then starts again, over n over

but car is still driving 100% perfect. Still revs fine. So i decide to continue, (with alarm on full song),

Locking the doors with the button doesnt help either, so i look like a prat who's now nicked a car!

Then all of a sudden one by one, everything switched back to normal and it all worked as it should. not had a problem since!

How weird...anyone else had this?
  Focus RS Mk1
lol, GDI sourced it to a broken altenator wire..the reason for the intermitent problem was the wire connection to the altnator had seperated but was still held close so now n again it would come on ok again!

sorted though. good one for others to keep an eye on :)

thanks GDI for sorting it uber quick.
  BMW M135i
Was going to ask if it was charging the battery properly but looks like I was beaten to it! Glad you've got it sorted.