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elephant and induction kits

  172 cup

Has anybody else had problems with elephant not insuring you with an induction kit? I just got insurance with them for the 172 cup im getting in the next couple of days. Its been superchipped and has a viper induction kit, but when i told them this they said they couldnt insure the car with the induction kit on. They werent bothered about the chip. Their reason was that with a chip its pretty much guaranteed how much the power will increase, but its impossible to tell with an induction kit. What a load of bullsh*t. With the chip im allowed up to a 10% increase, which basically means i can increase the power by up to 17 bhp, but even the best induction kits will be lucky to add 5bhp on.

Anybody else has this problem? I dont really want to have to take the viper off as its a decent piece of kit and sounds good.

Find a decent insurance compnay.......join the club and we get a discount wiht greenlight, they are more then ok with mods

Or if you dont wanna spend a fiver try CIS they dont give a flying f**k about mods, but they wont pay out for them
  172 cup

I tried loads of different companies and elephant were by far the lowest. About 800 with the chip and my g/f on the insurance. Most of the other quotes were well over a grand. Even got one for £3200. Ridiculous.

Oh well. Ill have to decide whether to take the viper off and sell it or just leave it on and keep the standard airbox in the boot in case of any unfortunate accidents. It just seemed a bit strange, as most companies dont give a damn about induction kits, as theyre probably one of the most common first mods, but companies usually get a bit edgy when ou mention chipping it. I actually spoke to a guy from RAC insurance, who asked me what a chip was. When i said a superchip he said is that a tracking device?.

  172 cup

I did that. Phoned yesterday then phoned back today and spoke to a different guy who mentioned the fact that the insurance didnt allow the induction kit. f**kers. Ill probably just leave it on.

My m8 is getting insured with them ticking mods boxes on their website. he said ticking performance filter didnt change price at all.

i am insured with elephant and i have an induction kit on mine. Its only a 1.2 but still got the IK on it. Think it put my insurance up by about £50 though! They seem to class it as a higher risk by having that on there, but wont replace anything modded. Im going to get a decent insurance company next time.

try norwhich union. they was the last people i would have ever thought would give the best qoute but they beat the others by far. think mine is £1150 with no no claims previous accident and speeding offence.

Im sure Admiral are the same Company as them and they wouldnt touch me either with the induction kit. Everything else but not the induction kit. So I took it off, stupid really as exhaust, lowering, strut braces they had no problems with....

Quote: Originally posted by jaf78 on 20 February 2005
Ill probably just leave it on.

dont be stupid, really worth risking the value of the car if you have an accident??

didnt think so, insure the car with it fitted or dont fit it at all, this is black and white,

declared = policy valid
not declared - policy void

which one woukld you rather have?
  172 cup

Im taking it off after all. Finally got my 172 cup on monday and im not that bothered about the Viper tbh. I can barely hear it and its not gonna make a noticable difference in performance anyway. The car is bloody quick as it is. Btw if you tick non-standard filter on the website this means a replacement panel filter NOT an induction kit. Ill probably just get an ITG panel filter instead.

As for driving about without declaring it, i did that for a bit with the mods on my 306 before declaring them , but nowadays theres no way id risk it, considering the value of the car.