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Elephant V’s Admiral

  tiTTy & SV650

OK, Elephant is owned by Admiral - I have been with Elephant for 3 years, the renewal on my 182 with 3 years NCB is £780, however Admiral have quoted me £675 for the exact same thing.

Next step is to call Elephant to see if theyre prepared to meet / beat this quote.

Assuming both are the same price, any reasons to change to Admiral?

Cheers, Rory
  Ford Fiesta

they do the best quotes online, elephant were £1.80 cheaper for me than admiral, so sticking with admiral.
  Titanium 182

I had a quote from Admiral which was the lowest I received, told Elephant who dropped another £80 off so I went with them. Bonus!

Im sure when I renew next year thell have a new tax bonus excess government approved markup scheme charge to get their money back
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

I move around the admiral companies at renewal.

Diamond, Bell Direct, Admiral and Elephant

All owned by teh admiral group, but each time I put the best price in at teh start of the quote and keep getting lower etc :)