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Engine almost cuts out after being revved

  monaco 172
Just started happening today.

If I'm coming to a stop and put it in neutral or just rev the engine then it will drop to almost no revs for about 10 seconds and then settle unless I blip the throttle.

It's quite worrying as I don't fancy it hapening pullin out at a junction.

Engine seems fine though, still pulls like a train
  monaco 172
Oh and also its not the normal lumpy idle problem as I've got the latest henk map on my car and its been sweet as a nut since that was put on.
  Clio 1.4 1999
when my clio almost cut out it was a bit of dirty fuel, put an additive in and worked a treat
  monaco 172
Well I've cleaned the tdc sensor and disconnected and reconnected the battery and it does seem to have fixed it. Not going to get my hopes up just yet tho lol