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engine conversion, 1.2 8v to 1.8?

Hi, im after another car, but i like getting my hands dirty, im thinking of getting a 1.8 engine to bang into a clio, i did this with my old corsa, i put a 1.6 nova gte engine into a 1.2 8v, now this was pretty simple, alls i needed was the loom and the engine, didn't bother with brakes etc.

Now, how would i go about doing this with a clio, do i HAVE to have a new radiator, driveshafts, gearbox, engine mounts etc etc, or can i make do with the original gearbox, mounts, radiator and shafts?

i know i will need the actual engine, the loom, and the ecu, but can i just swap them over?

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I would suggest if your going to all that trouble then fit a williams engine, you'll need the gearbox, drive shafts, hubs, loom, rad, i would also swap to the williams wide track and subframe
this is something i dont want to be doing really, i want a pretty simple straight swap, minimal effort really, could this not be done with a clio, do you have to change the rad and everything else?