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Engine Idle issues

  Clio Campus 2006
Hi all,

first post, been on here quite a few times but only just registered!

Was hoping someone could help me with my clio campus, was running really badly recently, felt like being in a machine gun when I put my foot down. As soon as I went from idle to accelerate the whole car juddered and shook back and forth, moving slowly before the revs increased and it sort of got back to normal and would start driving. Anyway, I cleaned out the throttle body thoroughly, sprayed some carburettor cleaner into the intake and ran some of the V4 fuel line cleaner through the system and now its running sweet as a nut ---but only when it IS running, when its at idle its still so poor!!

Its running at the moment at about 500 revs but jumps up and down by a couple of hundred erraticaly when at idle and its making the engine light flash. As soon as I accelerate the engine light goes off and it runs fine again. I took the HT leads out and they are sparking normally, the spark plugs were changed about 2 months ago also.

Anyone got any idea what it might be?