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Engine Immobiliser on 1.2 16v 52 plate

its a 52 plate 1.2 16v

earlier this week I had it in car electrics because the central locking system wasn't working, now all of a sudden the Immobilizer is faulty, the light flashes on and off after a few attempts it might start it took me 6 attempts to start earlier.

what im asking, could the electrical guy of messed something up thats causing this problem? because its never caused me any problems in the past and whats going thru my head is could he of messed something up which has caused this problem, sorry to be un-clear just im unsure of the problem myself and atm i cannot afford to go paying £££s

any help would be appreciated

he fixed the original problem which was the central locking, the central locking wasn't working on both sets of keys, so he had to re-code the keys ever since then when I go to start the car the immobiliser light flashes on and off and refuses to start straight away like it used to, it starts after a number of attempts.
im going to take it back down to this garage tomorrow anyways, hopefully he'll fix it for free if not ill get trading standards onto him