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Engine information 1.2 16v

Mainly directed towards "BobRTE", as seems very knowledgable, but also anyone else!! Does the ecu update just increase the tickover of the car? Mine ticksover quietly etc, would the update affect this? In addition, I have had my Clio (1.2 16v 2001) in to renault twice over the engine. When the revs are around 3100, there is a very slight dip in power, sort of slight hesitation before continuing. They are unable to do anything as they can not reproduce the feeling, wondered if you had any ideas etc that I could put to them, or if you had come across anything similar. Are there any probs you know of with this engine that are worth getting looked at etc before the warrenty runs out. Have just done 12000 miles, about to do 2nd oil, filter change, was really dirty at 6000, lots of particals in the oil!

Thanks very much for any advice,


I dont know what the ECU update does but it wont increase the tickover... What I would imagine it to do is not drop the revs so quick below 1000rpm so it would drive normally but when you press the clutch it will drop to 1000 rpm them slowly drop down to tick over.... Problem with mine is it drops very fast and revs go below normal tick over and sometimes it stalls
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The reprogramming of the injection computer (ECU) addresses the stalling of the 1.2 16v. It writes new data to the EPROM (Erasable Reprogrammable Read Only Memory) inside the computer. It changes only the parameters for idling. If you have a flat spot around 3000 rpmish, then thats another problem.

The dealer you have taken your car to, actually has to be able to IDENTIFY a fault with your car before they can correct it. I know this seems a bit corny, but it is very difficult sometimes to identify a fault with a car, especially if its an intermittant fault. We do use state of the art diagnostic equipment, but if that doesnt detect an operational fault during testing, our hands are tied.

I will do a bit of research into this and let you know what I find. Cant promise, but Ill try.


Thanks very much, I understand its very difficult to find a problem, diagnostics cant pick everything up. I have got used to the flat spot, but is very wierd. I am having a new seat cover fitted because this one has worn early on in its life, Renault are paying 80% luckily! So I will ask if they can do the ECU update at the same time, I assume it doesnt take long, just plug it in. Thanks for looking in to it as I will be very interested if you find anything out! It is brillient to have someone to ask, as at the dealership the mechanics are always very busy, as I bet you are, and dont want to be a pain to them!

Thanks very much, look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yeah it is pritty cool.... Hey Rob what would renault say if I remapped my ECU to cope with my exhaust and induction kit????
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A.G.P, they should be able to reprogramme your ECU at the same time as doing the seat cover, but only if they have time and their (CLIP) Diag tool is not already in use by another technicain.

Steve, if you know how to update your ECU without the official equipment and data CD, then please let me know! Id be interested to say the least.

Laters guys


Thanks for looking into that, I spoke to Renault earlier to see if they would be able to do the update on the same day. The chap said he could not find anything on the system that needed doing to the car, and that I needed a fault. I explained there was no real fault, just renault had produced updated software for the engine. I will have to go in person to speak to someone. I presume no one has come across flat spots in this engine, it must just be a "characteristic of the car"! Thanks once again!!


Hey Bob not me remapping myself just in general... paying someone to do it!

So would renault be able to find out that my ECU has been remapped?? I heard they couldnt....
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in other words................a superchip???? does it VOID warranty???????? The only problem im havin wi my engine just now (1.2 16v) is that between 2000 and 3000rpm...........when tryin to hold a steady speed, it is very kangaroo-like! as if its starved of fuel!!! Its gettin annoying! Not another trip to Renault lol!! I have a Jetex Panel filter in the car, and have a non-standard cold air feed pipe in the standard airbox - going to the blanking plate on the grille. I shall have to put the standard setup back in and see if it cures the fault! anyone else experienced kangaroo-like characteristics????? Rob

Well no its not a super chip... a chip involves taking the ecu apart and soldering a new chip in... a remap is done via a laptop or pc plugged into the ecu but they do basicly the same thing.
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no...................A superchip for modern cars (saxo vtrs i kno for sure) is just a re-prog of the existing chip!! I was at Well Lane Turbo Centre in Batley when my mate had his car done. They plug the laptop into the Management unit, give it a new config and save the old config onto a memory card that they give you! So a superchip is not neccessarily a replaced chip
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so did i. I kno the guy at well lane and watched him do it all.............he is now mobile and working on his own, travelling the country with his laptop........plug in, updates configs and goes...........cant be bad! last time i spoke to him he even told me that the insurance company would never kno lol............hmmmmmmmmm

Hey people, just on this ECU update for the 1.2 16v. My dads car stalls frequently on approach to junctions and when taking off. Also getting the problem with the revs acting strangely when the car idles...

I rang the local Renault garage and quoted chassis number and they say that the ECU update is not required for this car... All they had on their RenaultNet service was a re-call for Reverse gear sticking and this was only a precautionary measure.

Is this a problem with all 1.2 16v Dynamiques? Its a late 2001 model.





mine is a pre facelift 1.216v (same engine with diffrent P/S)

and it does this really weird thing sometimes when i drive off

if you depress the throttle pedal fully the car just trundels along and then whoosh 6500rpm its like really bad turbo lag

Well I phoned them and they said there has been lots of updates since I got my car may 2002.... Mine has the exact stalling problem.... Doesnt do it all the time though

Quote: Originally posted by tomclio1.2 on 05 December 2002

if you depress the throttle pedal fully the car just trundels along and then whoosh 6500rpm its like really bad turbo lag
arent you spinning the clutch though?

lol yup unless you catch it while still moving then bump start it... FFS Renault scum bags I hope they fix it Dec 19th