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Engine knocking noise--help plz

Ive just noticed or its got louder but when i start the car it makes a strange noise which is hard to explain but with the bonnet up it feels like the engine is rattling along with the noise...but it disappears after a few minutes,not being very mechanicaly minded i havent got a clue if its doing any damage.

the car is a 1yr old 172.

Im going to Renault on monday see what they say but would appreciate any tips on what it could be so they dont give me rubbish excuses..already waiting for an exhaust the moment it rattles like mad when i give it some welly..bit embarrasing specially on a 1yr old car


mine made a knocking noise, started like yours but ended up sounding like an old diesel van all the time... it was something to do with a bearing needing relaceing and a tentioner belt, not sure exactly. The part cost £130 but I had it done under warrenty

Hope this helps... a little

Cheers M8..

Hopefully thats what the problem is..dunno about you but i seem to be having lots of niggles with the car at mo...not happy with knocking noises when i turn full lock right at slow speeds..generaly underneath the car is full of knocking an groaning noises:( Silver nice colour though we both have good taste.

I think the noise when you turn full lock could be to do with the power steering maybe??? could be wrong, any body else know???