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Engine management light

  Clio 182
The engine management light appeared on my 182 today. I checked the oil and that is fine. It was only serviced 5k ago (36k). I know that the only way to get it sorted is to get it plugged in to a diagnostic computer, but is this a common occurance and should i stop driving it? Due to make a trip on Sunday and wont be able to get it sorted before then.

Any advice?

  Clio 182
No decat and it sounds fine. In fact, i was recently thinking that the engine seems to be running the best it ever has! Baring that in mind, i was a bit shocked to see the damn light!
  Clio 172 cup
Check the connector that goes to the charcoal filter in the drivers side front wing.

Mine had come lose and caused the engine light to come on.