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Engine Mount - Help

I am not the most technical person in the world, but it is pretty obvious to anyone that my top drivers side engine mount is completely shagged.

Noise, vibrations and banging got worse yesterday. Just had a look to see if I could see anything under the bonnet and the engine mount is shattered. There are two pieces I can pick out, and it looks like there may have been a 3rd piece, but there is no sign of it.

Basically, how much is it likely to cost me, and how much work is involved? I don't know where any of the other mounts are, so I am hoping that is the only 1 that is bust.
Mounts arn't much say £30 or so. Its usually the dogbone one under the car which wears the others just look worn.

Have u a picture of the drivers mount as some people may think its damaged from new due to its design. It can need adjsuston to fix the bangind noise if its not been centered and adjusted correctly.

There 4 mounts though
Drivers side top one
Passenger side one the battery sits on
Dogdone mount under the car attaching the gearbox to the bottom of the engine firwall.
There also one attaching the gearbox to the subframe on the passengers side you need to get the passenger side wheel off to see it though.
No I think this one is damaged rather than it being a weird design from new:

Firstly looking at the mrs clio I think the bit on the left is actually meant to be at the top

And I don't think I should be able to do this

Could the one under the car have worn and therefore increased the pressure on this one causing it to go as well?

Fred was meant to look at my car on Monday to try and find out what was causing the noise, so hopefully he will be able to look in to it a bit more.

You say they are only £30 to buy? Is it hard or a big job to replace them though?
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Bezza4 said:
Am I OK to drive my car while it is like that? Its not going to do any more damage is it?

be ok but you have more chance off popping a drive shaft out
16v_jon said:
be ok but you have more chance off popping a drive shaft out
I assume that isn't a good thing, lol.

May see if my uncle is around to fit a new one if I can get hold of one, as I know Fred is a busy man.
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just to note. whe fitting the new mount.. buy a new dog bone mount at the same time.. and when fitting the new top mount, bar the engine all the way forward on the runners (this is after fitting the new dog bone mount) then bolt it down tight.. so the engine has moved towards the front of the car. this will prevent any more knocking
Cheers mate, is it worth getting a new dog bone and doing that at the same time like ben p says, or will that make it a bigger job to do?
Taken from a sticky thread:

Engine mount drivers side - 6000073669 £42.90 + vat
Engine mount rear stabiliser bar - 8200103802 £28.00 + vat
Engine mount pass side front - 7700795688 £30.45 + vat
Engine mount pass side rear ( under battery tray ) 8200089697 £20.31 + vat

I assume the one in red is the one I've managed to break. Which one is the one known as the dog bone mount that people say usually wears the most?
i replaced 3 of mine there dead easy to do! pull the engine towards you b4 you tighten and it will prevent anymore knocks!
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what do u mean by pulling the engone towards u? I have mine here wtg to go on.

Fred any chace u could give me step by step hints on how to do them?