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Engine noise 9k

Well I booked in my car to have the engine checked out... Its become very loud knocking under the engine and loud tapping above.... I think I have killed it already..... Now it comes back to me why I brought a new car and not a second hand one..... Warrenty.....

No sounds like big ends to me, just had a listen with a few mates. they all ripping the piss at me for doing my ends after 9k. So its got end knocking and loud tappets.. its the 1.2 16v I thought you lot new by now.



Check your gearbox too :confused:

You must have a lemon for the big end to be gone

f**king cars are proper Grade A* sh*t
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my 1.2 16v ticks ticks ticks lol.............but i got no yellow gunk, and it runs well enough.......i cant complain at her really! Just treated her to some new Toyo shoes, so if she behaves she can get them fitted sooner!!!! The tappet noise is a bit annoying tho for a new car! Hmmmmmmm hopefully K-tecs twin t-pipe exhaust will mask the tapping with a nice healthy bottom end rumble!!! :D

Nope it gets so loud you can hear it over the exhaust..... then you listen under the car and hear a deep knocking and think renaults are sh*te
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my car is seven yrs old an has done 60k and the only noises that makes are the ones its supposed to hehe

they dont make em like they used to ;)

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Lol, I agree with Adi, mines done 74, from which I put 30k on it in 2 years, a lot of thrashing and it just sails through its MOT everytime!


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Quote: Originally posted by Steve on 13 February 2003

Im not very happy with renaults........ Dont get these problems with other makes
I think you will get trouble with all makes if you dont look after them and keep thrashing the engine constantly!! You should look after your car, especially if it is only a 1.2 which is really a schoolteachers car, rather than a boy racers car!!

How would you like to be constantly thrashed? Youd feel knackered too!!


that was a bit below the belt GR, not all of everyone on here has the cash to run or is old enough to ensure a valver, willy, 172 etc. we all gotta start somewhere ;)