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Engine sound a bit louder/deeper? How?

  BMW E46 and E36
I have a Dynamique 1.2 16v, don't know a huge amount about cars and don't have a huge amount of money at the moment...

My car is pretty much standard at the moment and i want the engine to sound a bit louder or deeper but i'm not fussed about performance at all because i know it's only a 1.2 and whatever i do it'll still be slow. Is there a cheap(ish) way of doing this? Because i don't really want to change the exhaust at the moment as it's more expensive.

The other option would be an induction kit (which i hardly know anything about). Does this make the engine louder at idle? when it's just ticking over at traffic lights for example. Or only when i put my foot down.

With the induction kit, is it easy to kit myself? Even if i know hardly anything about what i'd be doing?

Are there any other options to increase sound too?


EDIT: How much would i be looking to spend for each option/suggestion?
  A Flamin' Red one
On a 1.2 and if you're only after sound then just whack a K&N 57i on it. Fitting it is as easy as changing the wheel after a flat tyre :)
  C-VXR, T8 Map 220BHP
you can get very cheap induction kits an argo nowadays. £40 ish!!

you could drill holes in you airbox. (old school style) but if you were to do this, id get a old airbox from a scrappy to replace the drilled one at car change time.
  BMW E46 and E36
Does an induction kit make any difference to the fuel economy?

One of my mates has a K&N in his 306 and thinks he gets less miles to the gallon than when he didn't have it. I don't know whether that's true or whether he just puts his foot down more now that he has it lol.