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Engine spluttering and running rich

  Clio 182 Trophy

my Clio 182 is coughing and running quite rough at lower RPM. The emission warning light is flashing when I start the car but then goes away after a while. I can smell quite a strong smell of fuel from the exhaust and the car seems to be hunting on idle.

Does anybody have any ideas on what the issue could be?


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182 Cup
Had this a couple of times (most recently a couple weeks ago) and was a single injector as noted above.

Think Renparts sell genuine injectors for about £33 each. They were on amazon recently for £27 but keep fluctuating in price. Anything cheaper than that is unlikely genuine and may cause issues.

AutoDocs is usually about the cheapest, but it can be a week for delivery


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  Clio 182 Trophy
Thank you guys! I’ll have a look and see if new injectors can fix it

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