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Engine Tapping

  Meg 230 R26 F1
Help! My ph1 has just started to make a tapping noise which gets faster as the engine revs!

i cant hear it when sat in the car, but its clearly audible when outside. Does anyone know what the problem might be...?

Cambelt was done in the mid 60's and its only on 89,000 now so it wouldnt be that again would it?

Any ideas appreciated?

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  Meg 230 R26 F1
Oil is fine...temperature is fine...however, thermometer has packed up, it said 24 degrees c today! could it be related?
  172 Cup
Odds on favourite:- De-phaser pulley! Check if its coming from Off side top of engine, tractor-y type sound!
  Meg 230 R26 F1
Problem solved....not as scary as i thought.

Turns out spark plug 3 had popped up and pushed the ht lead out a bit, creating a horrid tractor type noise that increased with revs. Mechanic feared the worst too, until he pressed the lead and noise went.

so a simple fix of re-screwing in spark plug and pushing in ht lead...phew!
  Meg 230 R26 F1
he pushed on it with a trusty screwdriver, with a thick rubber handle...not his fingers. Tbh i feared the worst and was expecting a hefty repair bill.

Kind of made up my mind to buy a new exhaust with the money i thought i was going to have to spend!
  Clio 172 Cup
Just want to add that I have just had this problem on my 172 Cup. I was bloody worried and had stopped driving it until I had a chance to have a proper look over the oily bits. Turned out that a plug was loose and the problem was solved in minutes and without costing a bean.