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'Enjoyable' Cleaning Weekend

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On Friday I popped to a mates to get some light scratches on my car sorted out. I had a about 5 marks that had penetrated the lacquer, but not gone to the metal that he could sort out for me.

So, Friday after work I gave it a quick wash with some cheapo turtlewax shampoo to give him a clean surface to work with before driving over to my mates. Unfortunately this was interuppted so when I got there the car was covered in smear marks as I hadn't had time to dry it. A bit embarrassing as he's a bit of a professional in body work and my car looked a mess.

Anyway, on to the job.... he did a fantastic job on my car and after machine polishing the whole back quarter panel of my car he commented on how much 'pollution' was on my car. If you felt the area he'd just polished and compared against an area he hadn't touched there was a world of difference. The machine polished area was so smooth to the touch and gave off a real nice shine, whereas the other areas were like sandpaper. I was impressed.

So, fast forward to Sunday and I'm out with my car with a Meguiars Smooth Shine claybar in one hand and Quick Detailer in the other. Wow, is all I can say. The filth coming off my 'clean' car was shocking. It took a few mins to get the claying technique right as it feels bizarre rubbing against a slippy surface, it's asif your not doing anything but as soon as you look at the claybar to see the filth you can see it's working, you could actually see the quick detail lube going a murky grey from the dirt being lifted.

By Sunday night my car was completely clayed, all panels and glass and now I need to seal this. I've got some car lacker but I was wondering if it's necessary to put this on as I've already clayed it to remove all the pollution.

I was planning on going over it with quick detailer to get rid of any dust, use some Autoglym SRP then waxing it straight after with collinite 476S?


My car detailing bucket now consists of...

Autoglym Shampoo (yet to use,
Autoglym Fast Glass (yet to use),
Autoglym Clean Wheels (yet to use),
Autoglym Bumper Care,
Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover,
Autoglym SRP,
Car Lacker,
Mequiars Smooth Shine ClayBar,
Collinite 476S wax,
Halfords 100% wool wash mitt + multiple microfibre cloths!

... to think I always got the local car wash to do my car!! :eek: :rolleyes: :nono:


dont really understand, you should have clayed it before your mate machined it. if he machined it then there shouldnt of been a need to clay it, if you get me? as the machine compounds he used are much more abrasive than the clay, unless he didnt do the whole car?

anyway, when coming to 'sealing' it. give it a wash was your AG shampoo and your wash mitt. inspect the car, use your tar remover if needed. if used then wash again. then srp (should need it if its been machined all over though). follow it up with your collinite wax.
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He only machine polished the areas where the scratches were due to daylight rapidly running out.

Still shocking the amount of filth on the claybar though!