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ESP light not showing the status of ESP / wheel angle sensor fault

  Clio II Ph2
Hello there, sorry for my English at the start.
I have really weird problem with my Clio II Ph2 1.4 16v 98hp.

All worked great until some day i wanted to switch off the ESP and I didn't see the light on the dashboard (triangle with a car). I thought that the light was fried but the light is working on gauges test. Also with that the car stopped alerting me about not closed seatbelts. I even tried to change the gauges but it didn't help.

I managed to check on the slippery road that the esp switching works because when i clicked the button, the wheels were spinning on 1st, but clicked again and it prevented me. So the switching works but the light is not informing me if it's on (light off) or off (light on).
Also the light should switch on during startup for 2-3 seconds but it's not doing like that. It's just not showing up.

Later I bought DDT2000 and interface and I check that's showing volant angle sensor fault so I changed that plastic thing right behind the wheel (that with yellow indicator) but it didn't help as well.

I gave up. Don't know what I can do more. I just want fully functional car. ;)

I recorded a video from DDT with the live data (angle jumps between 0° and 3° and that's all) (i spinned the wheel during the video).
Also you can see the error and full description.


Please help me with your thoughts. On my local forums they didn't knew too much. ;/

In short:
Esp light: not working at all (but led itself working in gauges test)
Steering angle sensor changed: didn't help
Gauges changed: didn't help
Angle jumps between 3° and 0°
I prefer my car to not have electronic gadgets, so I would like annoying things to be broken :p lol

If the light is broken but the ESP works (and the ESP switches off when you use the button) I would not worry - you will know when you switch it off and will not forget! You do not need a light to tell you!
  Clio II Ph2
I know I know. But the system not working properly and I would like to fix it so I would have 100% working car. ;)

The light is physically okay but it's not working as intended (for example during ignition for few seconds)
  Clio II Ph2
I have custom radio, disconnected battery many times. It does not fixing the problem. It's something inside broken.