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clio 2

  1. S

    Loose hose, where should it go?? (Clio Mk2 Ph 3)

    Hi! I found this loose hose (circled below) behind the left headlights (left-hand car). Does anyone know what it is for and where it should go? :oops: It comes from far below, although I can't quite see from where looking from above. Found nothing in the Haynes manual. Thanks!
  2. K

    ESP light not showing the status of ESP / wheel angle sensor fault

    Hello there, sorry for my English at the start. I have really weird problem with my Clio II Ph2 1.4 16v 98hp. All worked great until some day i wanted to switch off the ESP and I didn't see the light on the dashboard (triangle with a car). I thought that the light was fried but the light is...
  3. Andy_in_Ireland

    how do you remove wiper stalk on a Clio 2?

    hiya - how would i remove wiper stalk on a 2002 clio 2 ? - can i replace it without having to take off steering wheel? - can i just remove top and bottom steering column cowls and just remove some screws and take the wiper stalk out or do i have to remove steering wheel? cheers