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ESP / won't start or crank over

  R27 F1
Evening all,

I own a Clio 197 F1 2006.

Driving home this evening nice chilled drive, around 30 miles I get 2 mins from my house and the car dies and comes to a halt.
Dash comes up with the error message, check brakes /ESP and won't start at all.

Had the AA out to get recovered home, he scanned found no faults couldn't get into the eco properly, checked the battery voltage, fuses etc and had a look over but couldn't see anything.

The car won't start at all, so not sure where to start. Immobiliser light is staying on & comes up with check brakes / Check ESP

Any Pointers?? Iv had a read of some of the others but there all a little different.

Much appreciated .