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  Fabia vrs tdi
was at the lights and took off with esp on and booted it but wheels spun like fuuuuuck and it popped outa 1st gear for some reason

any ideas why

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
LOL that has nothing to do with ESP. Its called being rough with c chocholate gearbox.
  Fabia vrs tdi
shut it alucooo

its called being on the inside lane going strait on with the idiot beside me revving his shiiiit engine indicating he wasnt going to let me pull in due to the cars parked a 30 meters ahead of me, so to be fair i though phuck you and that was that.

Poor Car
  ur megane r26
Car was telling you traffic light grand prix's are ghey.

haha love it, on a serious note i have heard of a few peoples motors poping out of gear, dont know why, i can rag the shite out of mine in first and have no problem............ yet
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
If it's wheel spinning, ease off the accelerator? Get better tyres?

The popping out of 1st is common, can't remember why though.


ClioSport Club Member
Wheel spin = heavy right foot

Popping out of first = new gearbox mount needed or maybe engine mounts or maybe both ;)
  Astra SRI/ Hornet
Traffic light gps ESP off 3k equals perfect getaway for the next time.

Ps I heard her name was margret and in a toyota starlet in the other car ; p.
  Astra SRI/ Hornet
Exaltos do make the car awesome. I'd invest in 4 new ones and ya wouldn't regret it. Kwik fit are very good online for 4 as ya get summit like 35% off. I'm getting 2 new fronts from there.