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Eurofest 2006 Pics

Nice relaxing day at Castle Combe today, great weather too. Some seriously powerful FWD cars flying around the track, especially some of the Novas and Golfs which were going past just about everything (including a Noble!)

Must get a Cliosport stand there next year, if the ever-growing success of Japfest and Rallyday is anything to go by this will be a huge event on the calendar within the next few years.

A few pics to share although for some reason they've all come out really grainy and a bit crap, not entirely sure why as I usually get on well enough at Combe...

Gallery here:

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  05 Arctic 182FF
That 240Z was Ace!! Nobody seemed to get any pics of me on track though!! Probably something to do with it being the last session of the day tho!!