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  Clio 197
Hi all,

Just a quick one,

I’m a racing driver born with Cerebral Palsy, and am building a Clio 197 race car for my disabled racing driver academy.

I’m on the lookout for good deals on parts/sponsorship but also potentially some like minded people/friends who might fancy getting involved with the build.


Here’s a little/lot more about me and the academy...

Hello, my name is Chris Carter.

I am a racing driver, born with Cerebral Palsy and I have spent the last few years working tirelessly to break into motorsport.

In the last 12 months I’ve passed the MSA EXTENDED ARDS TEST, sourced my own race car, which has adaptations to suit my disability/requirements, and I have begun to attract partner organisations and sponsors.

Aside from pursing my dream, I am also working around the clock to provide the encouragement and support which others with disabilities may need, in order to follow their dreams.

My Facebook page has gained a growing amount of followers, and my posts are regularly reaching an increasing amount of potential partners. Meaning I am starting to becoming recognised as a driver to follow.

I am racing at Castle Combe and I am picking up regular media coverage not only for myself, but for my partners. BBC Midlands have covered a feature on my story so far, as have a couple of local newspapers. I’ve also enjoyed substantial coverage on social media.
I continue to work hard for local companies and my partners, whilst also giving them access to my loyal audience across the web. As well as building their brands through regular media coverage. This is often a viable alternative to hiring a dedicated PR organisation and the benefits of this kind of editorial content far outweighs that of advertising.

Now, I am laying the foundations for my race career and the work I do/ relationships I build are vital to my success. There are various opportunities available both in terms of financial backing and/or one-off marking exercises and even non-financial involvement.

Myself and my partners have also recently been featured in various media/online and my campaign was one of 6 finalists in the Motor Vision Awards.

Please feel free to take a look at the various exposure I have achieved so far below...

Also, following more than two years of development, discussions with relevant authorities and proof of concept, I have now achieved another dream (in addition to racing myself) and started a Disabled Racing Driver Academy...

The CCR Academy aims to support disabled people in becoming involved in and experiencing Motorsport and racing whilst changing the perceptions of disability within Motorsport in terms of capability and limitations.
We aim to work with Motorsport UK in creating suitable opportunities for disabled people within Motorsport and with adaptation/equipment suppliers to ensure availability of parts and resources.

We will provide a mentoring and coaching facility where disabled racers as well as disabled drivers, can improve and reach their full potential with confidence and support within all aspects of racing

We also aim to protect the welfare and best interests of all who are involved with the organisation.

Throughout 2019 and beyond we will participate in outreach at local schools, as well as respite homes/community organisations, so that disabled people can connect with Motorsport first hand and get the chance to see an adapted race car/kart etc up close.

We will offer passenger rides at various track days, to ensure that those who want to experience Motorsport but can’t drive due to their disabilty can still be involved whilst offering other taster events to give an idea as to what the academy would be like in terms of driver coaching etc

Shortly we will also launch a dedicated eSports Team specifically for disabled sim racers. A growing trend in the online gaming world.

Disability in Motorsport has recently been featured in Autosport Magazine;

We are looking to build partnerships with businesses/organisations who see the value that involvement can bring, and similarly, want to be part of a very special project.

We have a strong following on social media, with BTCC race teams and drivers following us, we have a great opportunity to change Motorsport for the better. You can be part of that journey.

Chris Carter
  Clio 197
Would be cool to start by meeting a few like minded people who might advise with car setup etc
  Clio 172 Merc ML55
Good to see you on here Chris, you'll always get plenty of advice/tips and hints. I'd love to be able to help financially but at the moment I've got a big enough headache with our own racing budgets lol.

I am only an hour down the road though and always more than willing to lend a hand if required, whether it's on the spanners (ex mechanic by the way ;) ) or with transporting the car, providing I'm not away myself.

Admittedly I'm much more at home on the mk2's rather than the 197/200's, if you need anything though feel free to drop me a message either on here or through FB.

Adam Perrett (tricolore no 29)