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EVO’s cup

I was reading this months EVO today and the chap was saying that it is coming up for its first service .... his mileage is 19k odd. What are the service intervals on the cup - i assume its the same as the normal 172 ? 19k will be quite overdue !


hi simon

172 and cup should be serviced every 12000 by renault but i plan to do an oil and filter change every 4500 - 5000 miles as the engines guzzal alot of oil.hope that helps!!!

Cant say I agree with u CUPSTAR my 172 has done approx 12000,has just been serviced and has never used alot of oil!!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Varies from car to car. Mine had used so much by 3000 miles that all the warning lights came on. Took it back to the dealer and they got 2 litres in. Always check it.

The funny thing is its never used any since. Must be a running in thing. I had an oil & filter change at 6000 as well. Probably only really necessary if youre doing track days though, but a nice bit of peace of mind.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I have to agree....since I first had the car ive only had to top it up once and that wasnt a lot.

Youre not thrashing it too much!! are you??

Mine has done 5500 miles and only used a tiny bit of oil , track day on 24 feb so will be doing oil after that :D

Has anyone posted this over on ? This is a bit of an over-sight on EVOs part, not there car mind you, just feel sorry for the bugger that buys it after them! They were complaining about it feeling slow and that the engine was making a funny noise!
  clio 20v

a lot of high revving 16v engines use a lot of oil if driven hard a lot

my 1800 used to eat it a half litre every 1000-1500 miles wasnt unusual and my mates pug 106gti is the same

the guage has dropped a bit on the willy engine so ill prob put a bit in next week

My SERV and OIL light came on tonight, 3400 miles, checked the oil level and it was exactly half way between the dipstick markers. A cupfull of oil brought it back near the max and the warning light switched off. There was virtually no discolouration of the existing oil. Seems that Renault play safe with their levels....
  Clio 1.6 16V

I managed to burn two "dits" on the oil check after about 2000 miles. I assumed this to be normal when runnng in a new engine, till the rings bed in properly. Decided to change the oil and filter myself (Reno filter + Mobil 1 0W40). I was quite shocked to find how black the original oil was after this mileage. Glad I changed it when I did! Hate to think what it would look like after 12000 miles. (BTW, I generally do quite short journeys every day so probably worst case scenario)