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Evo 6 are not that quick

Fekin Hell Just been out in my mates ...Its rapid

the accleration is just awsome.. I think he might just be able to get 1 car lenth in front of me:)


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d


My mate had an Evo VI and got a mk1 172 as a company car (lucky tw@t) and I was in the Clio "trying" to follow him in the Evo...

Not a cat in hells chance! :oops:

That was like me last tuesday! I left work at the same time as my mate and had to complety screw the balls of my car just so I could stay within him..

and it doesnt help that hes a really good driver..


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aha, I always loved the look of them.. lovely cars, and really quick from what I am reading ..
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hahaha, i read the thread topic and was ready to flame somebody then! They are pretty awesome.

and about 4 clutches a week? lol, Is it true the evos REALLY dont like standing starts? (clutches burn out after 3 or 4?)

What a weapon though, was a Police Evo and a normal Evo VII racing against each other at Crail last year, that was something to see
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adam munn who used to have a 16valve on this site has an evo , and what a lovely example, they look like a war machine