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  Audi S3

Baught ths for the fist time recently and must say its mush better than any maxpower type!

more interesting articles and not full of thousands or adds! :D


Definately! I have been subscribibg for the past couple of years, and it is absolutely the best of the mainstream mags like Car, Top Gear, Max Power, etc. Although, there is a worringly higher percentage of 4x4 now!!!

I moved to it from Top Gear types to Car, then to Im on CCC.

I think that as my thirst for technical knowledge increases, and as I get a liittle older, I have more of an interest in the detail that you dont get in the "Consumer" type mags. Evo is good, but they still have to appeal to a broad church to keep circulation up.

Did anyone notice that theyve deleted the Mk1 172 from their listings? That test car was as quick as a 172 Cup! Also, the Clio 16v doesnt get a mention! Grrrrrr!!!

I think itll be Car Mechanics for me next!!

EVO is top performance NEW car mag, and CCC is just the best mag out there, techy advice, trackdays, motorsport and more....LOVE IT!!! These are the only 2 mags i buy now....

i have to say this and i know ill get slated.......BUT

EVO SUCK BIG DONKEYS...............

why!? cause they cant drive, tey are a bunch of jurnos who get the proposal right for a top quality (nice piccies and exotica cars) mag from the publishing company.....thats all.

they talk crap about driving since they cant drive well do i know? i was at the bedford autodrom (palmersports) with a mate whos a instructor there and EVO turned up for a day out. Watching them spin off everywhere, take decidedly odd lines and panic when the grass gets close realy lets you see whos words your reading.......highly amusing.

The staff summed up the evo lot as " a bunch of rock apes"

anyway, for good mags, CCC, practical classics, classic Ford (only cause i love fords..ooer) and the top is Racecar engineering.........highly technical and lovely.

nah, already bought that.......

im waiting for the Slarty HOW-NOT-TO for dummies diest monthly....LOL