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Excel help please

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Some help needed if anyone can assist...

I want to create a drop down menu in Excel (with objects A, B, C, etc to select from) and then, once I have selected the relevant option, another cell is filled with relevant information to the original option I've picked - for example: the price of item A, B, C that I have picked from the dropdown menu.

Is this easily do-able?


  Megane R26
Very easy - Data > Validation

Then, change 'Source' to 'List' and type you entries into there, with a comma to separate them (Clio, Fiesta, Corsa) and it will only allow you/the user to enter something from the drop down.

Also, remember to copy down the cell for your column range.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Lol, thanks for the offer matey, but I actually want to learn how to do it - it'll need to be used in work for various different sheets.

Looks like I'd be better off finding some step by step guide!