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Exhaust 8v/16v

  S1 16v 106 Rallye
Does anyone know if I was to order a scorpion backbox for a clio 91-97 16v it'd be fine on my 91 8v?
No, because the bore would be a different size most likely - the 16v has a bigger bore. If you were to buy a cat back system it should fit fine though.
  S1 16v 106 Rallye
How much did you pay for that maxx? And is that 2.5"? Where did you buy it from? Sounds nice as f**k :p

And full system including manifold?
It is a Scorpion cat-back system froma valver I brought of someone on here for £120. Car also has a decat pipe and a 4-2-1 manifold. I had to get the manifold from a German website. I believe the exhaust is 2.5"
Ive been told Scorpion exhausts are quite quiet compared to others around
Maxx said:
If its just the backbox - im sure it would fit

As I said above, back box alone definately won't fit due to the different bore size. Also, the brackets should be the same for the 16v and 1.4 iirc. I'll go and double check just now.

Btw, is yours a diet or and energy engine Cli0?


ClioSport Club Member
well i just seen a full scorpion system on ebay for a 16v so wud this fit straight onto my decat?
It should do - mine fits on my de-cat/cat wirth no probs :/ If not im sure a garage could make it fit for you
  S1 16v 106 Rallye
So if I was to get a full system scorpion exhaust for a 1.6 16v valver it should fit my 1.4 carb clio? o_O
  Fiesta ST
Cli0, have a look here,

Have a look through the exhaust section and see if any come up for your model, they stock most of the makes (except Blueflame iirc). :)

Might be best going custom, if you want a full system.