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exhaust and induction kit

  Clio 182
With regard to an induction kit from personal experiance I would not bother. There is no where sensible to run a cold air feed and in my case the Pipercross Viper lost me power, exhausts checkout they have a good range dependant on budget, people seem to favour the Blue Flame custom exhaust here, I am sure someone with some more knowledge/experience can comment further.

Hope my ramblings help
Rich :)
  mk1 1.8 16v clio
Hiya mate, ive got a mk1 valver, i've had a pipercross on it and i've now got a k and n on it, to be honest the pipercross sounded nicer, but you dont get an air intake pipe, which you get with the k and n. It won't make much difference power wise, but like i said, should sound a bit nicer.