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exhaust emmisions light - on after very low on petrol

  Fabia vrs tdi
emissions warning light came on today about 15 mins before i got my new exhaust fitted.

It seems to have just happened when the fuel light came on its almost as if it didnt like running low on petrol perhaps crap at the bottom of the tank, i put £15 of petrol in but still hasnt gone off so hoping it goes off tomorrow.

the emmisions warning light on my step dads bmw comes on now and again he seems to think its down to different petrol, it also came on in my old corsa and the emissions light went out after i topped it up with petrol.

it doesnt seem to be causing the car any problems while the light is it but niot sure if i should wait another day see if it goes out till i get my garage to do a diagnostic check on it.

new ktec supersports zaust sounds excellent not too loud but I need to get a bush/rubber bit whatever there called the back left one has broke and the left pipe is hanging down slightly and i need to know where to get one that aint gonna cost me much

thanks for reading
  172 ff
what petrol are u using mine came on, been on bp ultimate but changed 2 v power and it hasnt come on since and its running alot beta 2. But yeh taking it out for a blast is a good idea if the light stays on, at least u have had some fun.
How did you sort the O2 sensor issue out mate?
My 182 exhaust gases light came on when I was low on fuel on the motorway tonight. Filled it up and the light is still on - not flashing, just constantly on - not been on at all before!
  Golf GTD Mk7
if the car runs ok it'll be the rear lambda sensor mate. Easy to replace, not too cheap though.
Sounds ominous. I went to the garage today and got the light reset as he said it might be down to the new exhaust fitted last month. He had to mess about with the emissions light to get it through the emissions test initially. Had the light off for about half a mile and it's come straight back on. No difference in performance, driving or fuel economy though! What sort of cost is a lambda sensor?
  Golf GTD Mk7
not sure on the cost, best to go for a used one. There are a few clio's breaking in the sale section (you need to become a member, but well worth it ;))
  white leon cupra R
where is this sensor any one got any pics, my car is very low on petrol and came on today to!!