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Exhaust gas warning light, Mk2 172

  320d M Sport

This came on this morning, has this happened to anyone else? Cant see any reason why its decided to come on now? wont go out either??!



happened to me a couple of months ago but mine went out after a minute, booked it into renault the next day and they told me it was just a software glitch and they had cleared the fault memory
  320d M Sport

hmm, cheers mate, mines still on after 8 miles?? Did u have anything swapped or altered eg zorst or cat?

nope mine is still totally standard been spending too much on beer recently! was driving my now ex girlfriend home at about 11 at night doing a steady 45/50 mph and it just came on so i backed off a little and about a minute or two later it went off again, i hadnt been ragging the car at all didnt seem to affect the way the car ran and must admit on the way back home i thought f**k it and gave it some stick, if it pops renault warranty can pick up the bill:devilish:. dropped the car to my local dealer the next day and they gave it the all clear, hopefully yours is just a software fault too mate

Strange, mine came on yesterday ! while driving in heavy rain. has come on twice before (from coldstart) and then gone off the next day. Mine has only been doing it since I put a cat replacement pipe in. In my case it must be something to do with the lambda sensors taking readings that are outside a permitted range and thus light comes on (no cats). Mine is still on so ill try that ecu reset thing.