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Exhaust knocking

Morning all

was on way home yesterday evening, and took off from the traffic lights.. but there was a rapid knocking from under the car.. sounds as if its from the middle>backbox.. any ideas? when i put the clutch in, it stops.. in low revs it is constant.. when at a certain speed/revs then it stops.. rubber support maybe gone?

Ive got this problem mate it is the back box hitting its heatshield i had my car up to see if one of those rubber things had snapped but it was all ok , ive stuck some foamy sticky strips on the heatsheld that seems to have sorted it out...

check the middle support if it dont pull the exhaust up enough it consequently doesnt drop the back down enough and it knocks the shield

got it sorted lads... took it too the garage at lunchtime were i purchased it last week.. and they replaced the back box for me, and its fine! solid! and FREE! dont u love warrantys )