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exhaust mounts

  Laguna sport tourer
mine wern't broken but were a bit loose, i got some decent hose pipe cut it into bits and tiewrapped them into the rear exhaust mounts, it works well and makes the exhaust a bit louder
  clio sport 182
mines actually held up with cable ties at the moment, no pipes coz i didnt notice the thread that explains that.
i wouldnt recommend that you do it long term though as there is more vibration and the exhaust does clatter about a bit, iv got ties centering the exhaust to the bracket by tying it in all four directions, if this makes sense
  182,mx-5 mk1,mev sonic 7
just bought said mounts they are crap the rubber just sank as soon as the weight of the exhaust went on them.they cant support the exhaust avoid!
i reused my old perished mounts which supported my exhaust no problem!
  Nissan 350z
The £10 Ebay mounts are crap as said above. You need the more expensive £20+ mounts which actually have some reinforced rubber.