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  Clio 182 FF inferno
Does anybody on the forum have a
KTR ultra performance Super sport exhaust system with a decat?
Does anybody have that exhaust combined with a RS tuner pops and bangs map?
What db do you run when tested for track, do I stand a chance of getting on track with this?
  182 Cup
Was just gonna start a new tread, I'm looking to go to bedford next week and am a bit worried about my system its a yozzasport system with decat wandering if its will be ok at a 101db static and a 87.5 drive by
  Clio 182 FF inferno
Do you have an overrun map?

Most tracks are between 96db and 106db apparently, some do a static test with something up your exhaust and others have a tunnel for a drive by

Yozza are about the same db as mine, let me know how you get on with the db test