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Gravity cat back exhaust Clio 182


ClioSport Club Member
Does anyone have a Gravity cat back exhaust on their 182?

What I really want to know is the static dB level with a decat pipe, just to make sure it would pass track day and race limits.

My existing exhaust is made up of too many pieces all put together with U clamps, and even with all the hangers in place and clamps fully tightened it generally comes apart by the end of a day on track.

The Gravity Performance job looks good value, and seems to be in stock unlike many 'superior' makes at the moment.
It will only get track use so as long as it gets the gas out the back end of the car quickly enough I don't really care what it sounds like, or the overall quality, as it's bound to get bent before it has a chance to rot.

Just need to pass noise tests.

Any first hand information would be most welcome.


ClioSport Club Member
Seeing as I didn't get any replies I thought I'd just find out for myself!

I ordered a Gravity Performance cat-back system for the 182 on Tuesday and it arrived today.

It was well packed, and certainly looks decent quality.
The whole thing weighs 11kg. I don't think there will be much weight saving, but maybe 1kg or so. I'll report on that once I get the current one off and weighed.

Price-wise it looks really good value, £270 all-in, delivered.

I will fit it at the weekend, so will be able to report on 'fittability'

Then, most importantly I will be able to do a noise test.



ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Looks decent enough from the pics. But as said above., it looks like it's gonna be loud.
Looking forward to your opinion when fitted.


ClioSport Club Member
You think I might be cutting a silencer in then :)
I have the Jetex catalogue handy!

If the worst happens it's ok 'cos my wife's a hearing aid dispenser so I should get a discount.
Also means I can 'borrow' her sound meter. I'll try and test it according to MSA static test and report back.....expect a big number!


ClioSport Club Member
  172 cup
Those back boxes look tiny! I'd be packing that back up again and sending it back while you can still get a refund. Pay an extra 100 quid or so and get something half decent..


ClioSport Club Member
Simple to fit, all the hanger positions are all present and correct.
Only comment on the fit is the tailpipes are a touch closer together than they should be.
Also I haven't put the rear wheels back on the ground yet, so can't tell exactly how it will sit.

So to the main concern, the NOISE!!!!!
Actually it's not too bad, but could be a bit close for some track days.

Used two different noise meters and got 99 and 101dB at 5500rpm. I'm not sure which is more accurate so will have to say 100dB until I can do some more tests.

Race 105dB so no problem
Brands Hatch track days generally 102dB, so should be ok.
Lydden Hill track day 100dB, so maybe a bit too close for comfort.

I tried to make a video, but recorded exhaust never seems to sound like it does it reality



ClioSport Club Member
Good news....... the Gravity exhaust passed the 100dB static test by quite a margin, and didn't trigger the 92dB drive by.
Also had a few 'car sounds great' comments from other drivers on yesterday's track day.

I can only report from inside the car: it sounds RASPY rather than BOOMY. I'm pretty sure this is F1 technical exhaust rating terminology!

Raspy is quite good as it penetrates your helmet (no inyourendo intended), and helps you drive by the sound rather than the rev counter. It almost immediately reports your throttle inputs, which is an audible giveaway to my multiple stabs at the throttle out of a corner, rather than the smooth laying down of power.

I don't think anyone would want this on their daily commute, but for a track car looking for a decent free flowing exhaust at a bargain price it might be worth a look.