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exhaust problems

  172 cup
havin problems with my ktec stealth cat back .keeps slipping to the side and hanging down at the back box ,anyone had this problem and any solutions to sort it


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi RS3, Clio 172
Have you checked the rubbers? Make sure they havnt cracked, split or worn.
Pack out the hanger rubbers with something more solid and use cable ties to secure... It's quite a common 'bodge' to get any exhaust to sit right.
  172 cup
tried packing the hangers out with some aluminium plate and a couple of self tapping screws through it .tightened the clamps ,held for a while then fell away again. cheers for the feedback guys.appreciated.
  Inferno 182 & Saxo
I tried the packing with nuts/sockets method - cable tied them in and thsey keep falling out or moving. I was going to try filling the mounts with silicone but as new ones are only £8 a go its worth getting new ones.