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Exterior or Engine you decide!!

Engine or one off body work you decide? Turbo or flip paint you decide?
Jap syle bumper or gas flowed head you decide?
Your Thoughts Please
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Forget the turbo !!

Get a decent stage 2 done !! The turbo is still not proven to be reliable yet !!
Once you have got the stage 2 done then go for the turbo once its up and running !! Either that or wait for the 2.0 litre turbo to come from Renault Next year !!

Trust me body work is all well and good but itll slow you down !! There is no point having all show and no go !!

If so you may well have bought a 1.2 and spent loads on a body kit !! But you bought the 16v for its speed !! So why slow it down !!

You know it makes sence !!

You see I am looking at a renault 5 jap style bumper and then all body work smoothed and full re-spray in fiat yellow, its allready dropped 60mm on 16 inch arrows but my mates pug makes it look so standard!!! Need to turn the heads the other way!!!
  mk2 172

hi joe, is the upcoming megane turbo using the same f4r and turbo gear you are using? obviously with different engine management.

  mk2 172


how much difference does the stage 2 make on the willy lump?, is there a big difference in a bit of a race to 110 ish?, or have you never had the chance to go against one?


Hiya dood.

I see no reason why it would not be straight forward (in the context of engine swaps)

keep your gearbox (no probs), fit the unit, make an exhaust downpipe, make all interconnecting pipes and source and fit an intercooler.

use an aftermarket engine management system and have it mapped on the rollers.

you would NEED uprated brakes and suspension at the same time.

as for whether it is cost effective for you..

only *you* can answer that..

  BMW 320d Sport

Always power first then looks second for me. Conveniently the first thing you should do - exhaust and lowering - combine a bit of both.


Not really had a good chance to go up against a standard willy but i always seem to be pushing them along!
Well have to meet up.

  mk2 172

thats good mat!, as id want my moneys worth from that kinda dosh, was defo gonna have it done til i smashed her up, now its a future consideration, i would gladly be beaten by a stage 2 as it would make me want it more. im sure one day will lock horns on some nice dual carriageway somewhere