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Exterior upgrades advice

Hi guys,
having been overwhelmed by the beauty of some of the mk 2 ph1s on show on the site I have decided that I would like to upgrade the exterior. Unfortunately due to age my car is only a 1.2 V reg but I love it nonetheless. Having come into a bit of money, I'm looking to make these upgrades as having considered buying a newer more sporty model I do believe the costs would not be justified given the amount of mechanical repairs that I have already paid for!
I was hoping that someone would be able to give me advice on how much these upgrades would cost as I have little experience, and whether it would be at all worth bothering.

The mods I like the most are the ph2 rear number, the front fog lights and the dual optics lights for the front. Could you give me any advice as to how much this would cost me?

Also, how much am I looking at for colour coding on the bumpers and a good set of alloys?

Welcome to the forum mate.
Have a look in the For sale section, you'll most likely get them all cheapest on here.
post a thread up in the wanted section for the bits you're after

I don't know the prices for the bits you're after off the top of my head, I'm afraid. Hopefully a fellow Mk2 Ph1 ower will be along shortly!