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F.A.O Cupcake

Ive tried the search but couldnt find the post i was looking for.

Can you do me a favour and post pics of your interior? Im looking at getting some buckets in my cup but want to know what it would look like first. Also can you tell me if the airbag light stays on constantly after installing the seats?


Cheers bud, that looks very smart. I cant wait for the reports back from the ring. Hope there is some good video action out of it


ClioSport Club Member
  is non-existent

you wont get the airbag light coming on mate cups dont have side airbags
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Ok right yes you do the get the airbag light come on as Cups have seat belt pre-tensioners which are removed in the bucket seat fitting stage.

I have some resisters though to stop it from coming on though. :)

Oh and Ive got cobra monacos with sabelt 3 point harnesses in my Cup. Incidentally they are curretly for sale. Come complete with adjustable subframes too.

PM me for more details. :)