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F*** B**ocks T**s

thats bollox mine did the same about 4 weeks ago !

a new cable was about £14 from reno, but they are a complete b*stard to fit.

so i know how your feeling.


agreed, it appears to me its clutch cable month! both mine and Glenns snapped in a space of 2 weeks.. now yours.. thats 3 in 1 month that i know of. i spoke to renault about the issue and they said.... "their heavy clutchs, what you expect?" which is fair enough.... but when he then told me that i could buy a new clutch ped for £35 + cost of fitting that corrects the issue, i thought... bloody cheek!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hold on you would think A heavy duty clutch would have a heavy duty cable ???? Or am I not getting something here.

  Audi S3

Renault sort it out!! unlikely cant make money that way! but yea u would have thaught thay would have made it heavy duty.