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f**king knobs!

Wats the best way to get the gear knob off on a new clio??

Mould grips?? Hack saw?? I would rather keep it in 1 piece!!

Cheers peeps!

Little Newms

ClioSport Club Member
  182, D2 Td5 & 840CI

mate u can really only cut it off!!!!!! just leave it on, not worth the hassel

if its that stuck then mulgrips and a bit of cloth around it. if its been glued on alot ur gonna be lucky to get it off without rippin the leather. It just takes elbow grease.

its moulded/glued to the gearshaft, had to hacksaw mine off, its a messy job but worth doin

youi wont get it off in one piece thats for sure

got a blue alu one on now, looks sweet

NONONONONO NO! It does snap when you twist it! First clamp the gearstick so it doesnt twist and snap summit in yo gearbox then simplyturn the knob with a quick snap and it will pop, trust me, I done it in like 5 seconds!