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f16 engine

hi there would this engine fit in to a clio mk 2 phase 1 with out 2 much trouble as my car went in 2day and said thhe camshaft is on the way out and board of the 1.2 8v so looking for sumthink with more grunt but do not have a lot of money and my mate will help with fitting wiring etc our could any of you guy tell me a good engine to get please would love 172 but do not have the 1.500 + vat to get off matt black cheers guys
It will fit its the wiring etc you need to sort out but with a phase1 its easier.
Driveshafts might have to be custom made so that £400 or so extra.
You'd need a new radiator you need the ECU and the dials etc to make it easier.
Whty not buy a 1.8 it will be cheaper.