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  1. T

    1.2 16V Issues - Any Ideas? (Sorry for long post)

    Hi guys, got a bit of a weird issue with my Clio right now. It's an 07 1.2 16v Campus. So, it all started when I was in 4th gear at a high rpm (around 5ish). After this it did not want to go up anymore revs and the check engine light started flashing at me. Pulled over and gave it a look over...
  2. J

    2005 1.2 renault clio mk2

    Last week drove home and car was running fine and no issues. Went to start up car the next day and it wouldn't start and the engine light with the word stop in it came up flashing in red. We have worked out the fault code coming up is throttle body/ecu. Replaced both and car still wont start...
  3. sam55

    Driving an 800hp Everrati GT40 - video

    Finally, we've been allowed to go live with our review of the Everrati GT40 MkII, which uses a genuine continuation chassis and body, and two electric motors. It produces 800hp and 800Nm of torque, although this prototype was capped at 100mph. Given how slippery Rockingham was that day, I was...
  4. N

    Will Seats from Mk2 Clios fit the Clio Campus

    I have a 2007 Clio Campus and I was wondering whether the rear seats would fit into my campus from a regular Mk2 Clio that wasn’t of the campus spec?
  5. C

    Car won’t go into gear after new engine

    1.2 8v mk2, just put a new engine in, car now won’t go into gear. It will go into gear when the car is off but when running it just doesn’t want to go. are there different thicknesses of flywheels for the D7F 726 as we just used the one that came with the new engine assuming it would be the same
  6. K

    Renault Clio Mk2 Ph2 Angel Eye

    Hi, I have a mk2 ph2 clio, I'm looking to upgrade to Angel Eye headlights. I'm wondering if anyone has any pics of how these light up the road at night? Still indecisive, however apparently the bulbs are interchangeable, after asking around on ebay. Looking to purchase before Christmas, any...
  7. Iamhiding

    Odd brake pressure issue non cup 172 ph2

    Hi guys, just want to bounce this off someone. Clio 172 ph2 non cup with abs. I’m no stranger to rebuilding bike/car brakes etc, spent more time doing it than I care to think about although I’m less familiar when it comes to abs systems. So the story, Brakes were fine prior to this. few...
  8. S

    Fibre glass door in regards to mot

    I’ve been stripping out my daily (1.2 mk2) and trying to get the mpg up for a while now. I’ve been considering grp doors, bonnet and tailgate but I’m a bit concerned about the mot verdict. The mot test manual has no reference to fibreglass, or any specific materials but I can almist here the...
  9. J

    Mk2 Clio in limp home? Dashboards lights on

    So recently my Clio has started displaying the engine management light and another I am not completely sure as to what it is, the photo is too big to attach here but it is a box with a wavey like through and a bigger coil type line underneath. It has also gone in limp home mode I believe, the...
  10. RSIW182

    My 14yr old Titanium Silver 182

    She's been OTR for the last six months, but now she's back and been treated to an enhancement detail and AutoGlym UHD Wax. Honestly never had the paint looking this good before, very happy with it, only the wheels left to sort now - absolutely battered beyond belief?
  11. ClioDude55

    Stancing a clio. What size rims?

    I’m gonna “stance” or at least lower my Clio mk2. What size rims looks good? Was thinking about 15 inch. Please post a pic if you have of a clio with 15-17 size wheels :)
  12. MaxB

    Clio 2 3dr stiff passenger seat

    Hello, I have 2005 Clio 2 and the passenger seat has become extremely stiff to move backwards and forwards both on the adjustment and when you tilt the seat to get into the back. I noticed this after my mate was bouncing around in the seat the other day but am not sure if this is related or...
  13. C

    Need help with resistor wiring for Renault sport seats in a 1.2 with no air bags in the seat!

    Can someone please please help, ive just brought a set of i believe 172 seats that have air bags on the side of them and i want to swap out my old ones which dont have air bags in and the wiring is completely different. First picture is the wiring on my passenger seat in the car at the moment...
  14. C

    Clutch cable gone soft..stretched cable?

    05 clio mk2 1.2 16v while driving noticed something was diffrent when pushing clutch peddle down to change gear. Felt easier to push it down than normal. It still changes gear fine except reverse u have to push clutch peddle right to the floor otherwise it grind into reverse. Am i right in...
  15. T

    idling at 3000rpm!

    Hi all, i have a 2003 clio mk2 1.416v, which has an idling problem. it idles at around 1800 rpm when cold and 3000 rpm when warm! this happens even when i dip the clutch during normal driving. i have removed, cleaned and refitted the throttle body but has made no difference. Was thinking it...
  16. J

    Mk1 clio

    Does anyone know if you the gearbox from a mk2/mk3 would fit onto a Mk1 engine? Cheers.
  17. S

    how to clean up headlight lense?

    Hello, my headlights are vile and extremely cloudy. almost feels like an extra layer in some parts of the headlight. Anyone know how to clean them thoroughly? i have tried T cut, toothpaste, wd40 etc. No luck so far Thanks
  18. N

    dci 100 fuel pump help!

    anyone know where to send the fuel pumps off the be modded at all? or know a simple way to do it yourself? really needing more poweeeerrrrrrr!
  19. D

    LED headlight into mk2 clio

    Hello everyone! I recently ordered a pair of h7 led headlight bulbs (, got a pair of h7 hid adapters as well, but now I'm clueless how they would fit together, i can't push through the actual bulb bit through the metal plate, and it doesn't sit flush...
  20. Mazz

    Initiale dCi Daily Project (yes, diesel.)

    welcome to this, rather ordinary, project thread. be aware, I like writing. I thought about this and immediately realized two things: 1) This thread is about a diesel clio, not a sport. 2) being this diesel clio my daily driver, you won't find any infos on welded roll cages, 4 pots calipers...
  21. N

    Mk2 Clio DCI 100 fault codes help!

    Hi could anyone help diagnose these codes by any chance? The only thing I've noticed with the car really is when I plant my foot to the floor and leave it there going through the gears once I get to around 70mph and still going the glow plugs light will come on and I'll get a lack of power for...
  22. Ryan M

    First Car and Project - Clio MK2 1.2 16v

    Hello Everyone, After passing my driving test a couple of weeks ago I was eager to buy a vehicle like most people after passing their test. I managed to get myself a cheap runner for driving to college for only £300 and with only 65k on the clock. I know the car isn't the best bodywork wise but...
  23. C

    Running problem

    I have a 2000 Clio 1.4 16v when I start it and the engine is cold sometimes it will Rev really high up and down for 5 mins ish. if you try to move it when it's Reving it's self to death it will just bog down and turn off and won't start straight away. Also some times when your driving it will...
  24. joswah

    Key Fob stopped working this morning, bought new battery and still no luck [MK2 Phase 2]

    First post here as a lurker, had an issue this morning with my key fob it worked first thing and as I got to university and leaving the car the fob wouldn't work. I went to a local watch shop to buy the CR1220 battery that the keyfob takes and put it into the key and still no luck. Does this...
  25. G

    F7P engine in Mk2 Clio - Tach problem

    Hey, everyone, I'm very new to the forums, and I'm sorry if my english is little bad. I'm from Bulgaria and I have Clio Mk2 ph1 (2000), my old engine - 1.4 16v, or in other words K4J, has died and I buy a new one - F7P 722. I made so many things to fit it to my Clio - the exaust, the wirings...
  26. R

    Struggling to find a wing, odd colour?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a n/s wing in colour code ted69 for a mk2 non-sport but I can't seem to find anyone breaking one in this colour? Was is a rare colour code on the mk2? Are there any other silver codes that are close-ish? I could paint it myself , but after doing my bonnet diy i can...
  27. C

    Mk2 Ph1 tail lights on a Mk2 ph2?

    Hi guys, I was going to get a Clio mk3 due to better safety but decided that the mk2 is my true clio love lol. :hearteyes: The mk3 is somehow more boring looking. Back in high school I fell in love with a purple-blue (nymphea) Clio mk2 ph1. I didn't like the ph2 triangle front lights and rear...
  28. gstanley

    My new DCI 100 - To rep or not to rep?...

    Evening ClioSport readers. I am back in a Clio, my third one now, I just can't get enough of the little buggers! Had an old 16v dynamique as my first car and absolutely abused the s**t out of the poor thing for about a year until i chopped it in at 120k miles (for a mk4 golf.... not making that...