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Fabia VRS & LY Megane F1 (South Central *mini* Meet)

  Sprint/climb 106 gti
Few quick snaps from tonights south Central (mini) meet! Not one Clio attended lol ... Well Fletchers would have but it's poorly atm :( So he busted out the Fabia, which goes like stink for a smelly diesel :p and of course Tims LY meggy.






Liking the pics Matt, look really good.

So it was just the three of you then. Sorry I couldn't make it. Would be good to meet for a Photo shoot. Does that mean I'd have to clean the sunshine bus though?
  Sprint/climb 106 gti
Tim, I will send you the Hi-Res tomorrow! Cheers for the comments guys :D Only a few quick pics, photo meet sounds like a good idea that actully excites me ;p