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Failed MOT

Well my cars just had its mot today and failed spectacularly.

1 Offside headlamp not ina clean condition afecting light output.

2 Front drivers seat insecure

3 nearside fronnt cv joint gaiter insecurely mounted

4 offside front cv joint gaiter split

5 front brake pad less than 1.5mm thick.

Ohhh f**k, i really cant afford this. The cv joint and pads stuff fair enough, but there is literally a couple of mm play in the front drivers seat, and my headlight is crystal clear? how do you go about cleaning them anyway?
renault told me i had a split cv gaiter,

didn't bother fixing it (forgot to be honest) and my car passed MOT with flying colours.

Either renault are money grabbing *^&$'s or my MOT tester wasn't overly thorough. I reckon that renault are money grabbin *^%$'s!

either way, you're unlucky m8! take it to another MOT tester and try your luck. lol.
my foggies werent working on me valver so i attempted to take off the cover and see what was wrong - all i found was a lot of sand!!!! lol - i hadnt even been to a beach in the car so i dont know (and didnt want to know) where it came from - sold it month after that withough bothering to fix it - the lad didnt test the fog lights lol!
1. the reflectors probably damaged unless its been offroading, or it may have a massive voltage drop on it check it out.

2. why is it insecure? has the floorpan rotted through, common problem. get the welder out and the whole interior.

3. sort it

4. get a new one or if you have left it a while another shaft.

5. whats your excuse on that?

where are you based?

littlefrenchmusclecar, gaiter is a fail and the tester sound sliek a pillock thats happy to let shite cars drive around.
no, i think that renault were taking the piss. the MOT man didn't seem like cowboys at all.

renault told me
- i had a split rear gear mount (was not split but a bit loose)
- i had a buggered oil sump (the plug wasn't re-screwed in properly by them [on purpose i think], have not had a problem 6months since)
- said my clutch was nakered (needs a clutch kit, not a new clutch! i.e. its a bit stiff. the clutch has done less than 7k and doesn't slip in the slightest)
- plus all sorts of other toss.

i believed them and saved up for it one by one and sent it to my local trust-worthy garage down the road and they looked at the list and crossed off about half of the problems before i even spent a penny!!