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FAO anyone with 17 wheels

  Clio v6

Try a saucepan cleaning brush from your local supermarket etc. Some have just the right angled head to get around the tyres. If you warm the handle with a hair dryer you can mould it even more to suit. Maybe even trim the bristles shorter if needed.

Youd never beleive it but my whole house is made from egg boxes.

Geesh I ought to write a book on all this stuff
  Clio v6

PS. Dr,

I have had terrible troubles with my piles lately, any advice given would be gratefully accepted.
  Clio v6

Ah many thanks. I had thought of that but its not an easy word to spell unless one has a tube near by to copy from.

Jeez... well, I am not a Doctor mate, I chose the name because of a mexican wrestler named Dr. Wagner.
See ya!
BTW. What does "piles" mean?